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HABC EMBA  香港亞洲商學院

The HABC Executive MBA program aims to prepare business leaders in the Greater China Region to meet global and future challenges, both business and personal. Other partnerships are growing with top business schools and corporations in Asia.

HABC is committed to make its China Executive MBA program an integrated, up-to-date, pragmatic and high quality program. The program is designed to help the students to apply the state-of-the-art management concepts and skills acquired to real world cases. The courses are mainly delivered by asia professors who have extensive teaching experience as well as business experience.



Since HABC Program was launched in China in 2005, there are 95 classes in GuangDong, East China,Southwest China,Central China,TaiWan, SGP. 80 classes have graduated. Half students have gone to the Base for graducation ceremony and short term training.HABC EMBA participants mainly from multinationals,Private enterprise and China state-owned enterprises including Huawei,Foxconn,Galanz,EAST,Samsung, Du Pont, Bayer, Emerson, Alcatel, Delphi, Ericsson, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Nokia, Schneider, Exxonmobil, Panasonic, Wyeth, GlexoSmithkline, Agilent, Kodak, General Signals, Parmalat, China Unicom etc.
HABC-EMBA students' average working experience is 13-year; average age 36 years old; the proportion of students from foreign enterprises and joint ventures is of 35%, 65% students are from state-owned and private companies. All students are executives above manager level, 50% are above director level. Non mainland China students are of 10%. Executives from USA, SGP, South Korea, Hongkong and Tai wan also attended HABC EMBA program.

Teaching Characteristic:HABC EMBA-Harvard Case Study for Critical Thinking

The educational goal for HABC EMBA is to nurture management talents who have great appetite for innovation and entrepreneurship and global vision. In 2015, HABC EMBA has pioneered to adopt the teaching method practiced at the Harvard Business School: participant-centered case study. It strengthens combination of theory and practice and encourages interaction between teachers and students and students’self-reflection. 

On average, each EMBA student is required to go through 30 cases. Through case discussion students with different industrial backgrounds may expand their visions and appreciate different ideas. Furthermore, in the process of argument, they are able to learn diversified knowledge, obtain insights, and thus enhance their analytical and problem-solving abilities in their operation and management practice.

One month before course, professor will send syllabus and prerequisite to participants. The participant can communicate mutually with HABC professor and coordinator by email, wechat,internet, phone or fax, and utilize HABC online resource.

Each Foreign language professor from HABC will be equipped with a Chinese co-faculty, who is responsible for course preview and review, communication and answering question during the whole course. That is one feature of our program.

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It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognize any qualification to which this course may lead.



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